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Yoko Sizzlers® specializes in gob-smacking sizzlers tantalizing your taste buds with juicy steaks and aromatic flavors which spark joy. It's an adventurous experience not to be missed. Come and delight your senses today!

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Our Story

Since 1986, YOKO SIZZLERS® – belonging to the Y. H. Rizvi group of companies - specializes in quality sizzlers with a portion enough to satiate the heaviest of appetites. Take a look at our menu, and you'll realise the mind boggling variety of sizzlers that greets our patrons. From Steaks, Mutton, Chicken, Seafood and Vegetarian Sizzlers, Yoko Sizzlers® does not disappoint anyone. Well, to savour the Sizzlers, you need to create space in your tummy and for that Yoko Sizzlers® has a whole range of Soups, Cocktails, Salads, Rice Delights, Mini-meals and Sandwiches. And once you are through with the Sizzlers, our vast array of desserts will have your floored.

Patronised by film stars, politicians, sports icons, movers & shakers and food connoisseurs, Yoko Sizzlers® sets and underlines that the competitors can only follow. Needless to say, to have a taste of the best sizzler anywhere, come home to Yoko Sizzlers®.


I loved loved this place. We were in the mood for some delicious sizzlers and did Yoko's deliver! Ordered the vegetarian satellite and it was DELICIOUS ! The patty and the smooth gravy gave an amazing texture for the pallete, the veggies along it with were well cooked and the french fries just divine. It was so crispy and it was just divine to dip in that peppery gravy and eat. Yoko's is a traditional joint for sizzlers and with food like that, they will definitely remain unbeatable!


Classic gems for sizzlers. If its sizzlers on your mind then it has to be Yoko’s at Santacruz.


Legacy place.


This is one place for me where the hunt for sizzlers ends. I’m sure it’s the same for many of you too. This place has been here for years and has served excellent sizzlers. I simply love the Chicken Shashlik here. For those who haven’t been here you guys are missing something in life.


The first and the best Yoko’s of the city. Have been visiting since years and the quality or quantity has not deteriorated. The prices have definitely shot up but it’s worth the food.


*Reviews taken from zomato


99, Rizvi Foundation, Dr Ambedkar Road
Pali Hills, Bandra West, Mumbai (W) 400 050,
Maharashtra, India.
+91 22-26002393
+91 22-26004508